Aix-en-Film was formed by Brian Porzak for the creation, development and packaging of high-quality feature films, television programs and stage entertainment for worldwide distribution.

The Company owns the copyright on more than 30 screenplays, 6 television properties and 3 musical plays for sale or co-production. Additionally, Aix is a co-owner with production partners in at least 2 other projects.

A production deal is currently being negotiated for one of the television series and several of the film properties are in the process of being packaged for production.

Aix-en-Film’s corporate mission is to produce stories that flow from strong openings to impactful endings, made at budget levels that ensure investor profitability.

Aix-en-Film is seeking to broaden its strategic alliances and attract both production funding and distribution.

Click on any of the titles listed in Film Properties and you will be taken to a thumbnail on the project. 

If you have any questions, please contact Brian at 212-243-8065 or AixFilm@aol.com.