* Our name...Aix
(pronounced "eks")...
is derived from the
ancient Latin for "water,"
well evidenced by
a southern French city
of flowing fountains
and a constant stream
of creative energy;
therefore, a perfect metaphor
for the type of productions
we aim to realize.
© Aix-en-Film 2010

Aix-en-Film* was formed by Brian Porzak for the creation, development and packaging of high-quality feature films, television programs and stage entertainment for worldwide distribution.

The Company owns the copyright on more than 30 screenplays, 6 television properties and 3 musical plays for sale or co-production. Additionally, Aix is a co-owner with production partners in at least 2 other projects.

A production deal is currently being negotiated for one of the television series and several of the film properties are in the process of being packaged for production.

Aix-en-Film's corporate mission is to produce stories that flow from strong openings to impactful endings, made at budget levels that ensure investor profitability.

Aix-en-Film is seeking to broaden its strategic alliances and attract both production funding and distribution.